We know how to make your life easier! Install the zoochic app and order through it all the essentials for your pets: food and accessories for dogs, toys and treats for cats and much more at any time!

The zoochic app makes shopping for pet supplies much easier, even when you’re on the go. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of online shopping both from home and outside.

Do you need a dog bed? Rabbit pen? Hamster cage? Or delicious dog treats?

Zoochic has everything a pet could need – cat and dog food, beds, dog cages and clothing, cat scratching posts, bird cages, rabbit pens, hamster cages and just about any accessory you could possibly want. head. The list of essential goods goes on and on! In our online store you can find everything from toys for dogs to cages for hamsters.

Since 1999, zooplus has been bringing joy to pets and their owners.

With over 20 years of experience and over 5 million satisfied customers in 25 countries, zooplus is Europe’s No. 1 online pet supplies store. zoochic is the Russian version of zooplus. We deliver goods to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Poland.

If you have pets, you should know about zoochic!

Features of the zoochic app:
✔ Get access to a huge range of products (more than 8,000 items) from your mobile device.
✔ NEW: We are pleased to present you with a wish list where you can add and store the products you like!
✔ Incentive program for regular customers zooPoints – collect zooPoints and use them to pay for goods from our premium store!
✔ Invite your friends to become customers of our online store and receive zooPunks for this, your friends will receive them too!
✔ Share your favorite products with friends and family.
✔ Easy Search: Easily search for products using filters and product recommendations.
✔ Our barcode scanner will help you find the products you are interested in and complete their purchase in a matter of seconds!
✔ Convenient order repeat function, we remember what you like!
✔ Use ‘my zoochic’ to manage your orders and personal data.
✔ Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 333 zooPoints that you can exchange for goods in our premium store! Receive information about the best products and special offers on treats and accessories for your pet.
✔ Read customer reviews and write your own.
✔ View customer photos and publish your own directly from your phone.

If you have suggestions, wishes, or if you want to report an error in the application, you can always contact us by sending an email to android-feedback@zooplus.com.

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